'Dreaming' is to live; it's the essence of our existence. Often, we overlook our vast potential, failing to grasp that we shape our own destiny. Our dreams aren't mere fantasies; they're blueprints of possibility. Life defies simplicity; it's a canvas painted in shades of grey, where perception molds reality.

Consider this: as we observe the world, we see reality's fluidity. It bends to our emotions and desires. Yet, do we grasp our power? We're the architects of what manifests. With every thought, we breathe life into reality, weaving our dreams into existence.

Imagine a flickering flame in the darkness—a delicate dance between imagination and actualisation. This flicker is the threshold between what is and what can be, where dreams materialise into reality. In this dance of creation, we hold the match, igniting the flame of possibility with each flicker of intention.



Arrives framed and ready to hang.

Oil and mixed media on premium canvas.

Unframed Size: 20cm x 25cm / 8" x 10"
Framed Size: 21cm x 26cm x 3cm / 8.2" x 10.2" x 1.1"

Comes with certificate of authentication and note from artist.

Shipping: Delivered directly to your door via world-class courier. 

Please allow 3-5 weeks for Carly to prepare the painting for delivery. It will 100% be worth the wait! Available worldwide 

Shipped via courier. Phone number required at checkout